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Token Sale Management

Complete token sale management by top-tier experts and executives.

  • Strategy Creation

    We develop and execute brand concepts and token strategies covering all phases of the process including product development, blockchain integration and the creation of a marketing strategy.

  • Investor outreach

    Get the most exposure on roadshows to attract the right venture and institutional investors and to have a successful launch of your private presale.

  • Legal

    We provide legal advice on compliance and support in preparation of legal documents & agreements.

  • Token Economy

    We assist in designing your token economy to provide the most efficient token functionality inside the project, so it will provide sustainable growth for your token demand and future value.

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  • Token Sale Community Service

    Our dedicated support team will be accessible 24/7 for the whole duration of your project to deal with any community inquiries.

  • Whitepaper & Documents

    We develop all the needed documentation for your project: one-pager, light paper, prospectus, white paper, presentation.

  • Web Design and Development

    We can develop your project's brand identity with great web design and smooth functionality with all the UI&UX requirements to achieve top acquisition and conversion results.

  • Advisors Enlisting

    Get connected with top experts and advisors in the field to work on your project.

  • Token Exchange Listing

    Once the token sale closes we will assist you with listing your token on all the required exchanges and with market making activities.

  • Escrow Services

    We provide an escrow system to guarantee the safety of transactions without the risk of losing money due to fraud.

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Token Sale Marketing

Our complete token sale marketing solutions ensure maximum exposure and traction for your campaign.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Planning the fundamental goals, unique selling propositions (USP), competitor analysis, defining target audience and creating buyer personas, developing promotional strategies & media planning.

  • Ad Campaign Design and Production

    We strategically create all the content and visuals: smart, creative banners and video materials to secure high click-through rates.

  • Digital Media Buying

    We provide a wide variety of PPC campaigns on numerous leading platforms (Google, Quora, Facebook, Yahoo, Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter and others). Our services include dedicated display media advertising, video advertising, publications on ICO listings, as well as integration with CPA networks.

  • Retargeting

    Our company has assembled vast remarketing databases from the top ICOs and Media resources, which enables us to retarget high-value users and deliver outstanding results.

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  • SMM and Community Management

    Creating complete social media strategies and managing social networks to build an engaged community around the brand and your ICO is fundamental to your success, and an area we excel in.

  • Marketing Automation

    Our automated system for audience growth, activation and retention brings unmatched engagement and fully utilizes the various channels, which influence a buyer's decision.

  • Bounty Program

    We plan and implement specific bounty programs to ensure maximum market penetration during all stages of your token sale.

  • Media & PR

    Our team aims to develop the most effective cryptocurrency PR campaigns for token sales and blockchain projects, including comprehensive media planning and content creation.

  • Influencers

    To strengthen brand loyalty and trust, TokenBackers provides project support from leading Cryptocurrency and blockchain experts and influencers from around the world.

  • Analytics and KPIs

    We utilize individual KPI dashboards so you can see all the purchases and conversions. We set up all the analytics tracking for marketing campaign optimization and to deliver best results.

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A complete software solution to help you track your ICO campaign and manage your tokens

  • Dashboard

    Get access to a fully-equipped dashboard where you can view analytics and manage your token sale.

  • Smart Contracts

    We offer complete smart contract development and deployment solutions.

  • KYC

    Our comprehensive KYC solution ensures that you don’t have to worry about compliance issues with qualified investors.

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Jury.Online Responsible ICO tool ensures investors in the transparency of project’s crowdfunding by giving them the opportunity to follow up the progress of milestones’ execution and engage the assistance of public experts-arbiters if the stated objectives haven’t been reached.



CrowdWiz is an ecosystem that cuts the middlemen. Thus, we are giving back the individual control in the hands of investors. The process will be transparent and without hefty fees.



The project aims to create a full ecosystem where Influencers and SNS users around the world will be able to post, discover and book social media sharing economy information on the Internet. Patron is creating a sharing economy system where ‘host’ can purchase one influential post, or ‘buy’ an influencer for up to several months or even for a year.

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